[Sep/Oct] Millie’s Top Ten K-pop Music Videos


Maknae Millie’s Top Ten K-pop Music Videos

With the domination of certain K-pop solo artists (*cough g-dragon cough*), there were not that many music videos to review. Therefore I have combined my review for September and October. September brought out the girls and their powerful vocals while October brought a variety of different genres and styles.

10. Kim Ye Rim – Voice [September]

Kim Ye Rim - Voice

Kim Ye Rim has one of the most distinguishable voices in the Korean Music Industry, and once again brings it forth, ironically, with her single “Voice”. But this song has nothing to do with her unique, husky deep voice, but with the voice of her ex, a voice that she misses the most when she thinks of him. The music video is simple but gets the message across; Kim Ye Rim is alone, listening to music in her room when an Earthquake begins. The Earthquakes coincidentally occur every time the chorus comes up, but symbolizes her erupting feelings everything she “hears” her old boyfriend’s love. It shakes her up and reminds her of the past.


9. Kara-Damaged Lady [September]

Kara - Damaged Lady

Kara returns with “Damaged Lady” – and I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not a Kara fan. Most of their songs haven’t stuck with me. “Step it Up” wore me down, and as soon as I heard “Damaged Lady” I was instantly won over. It’s catchy, upbeat, and fast-moving, and has a song message that I’ve never seen in K-pop before. It’s about a girl whose boyfriend has just broken up with her. She sees all the couple in love around her on this bright, sunny day and feels bitter, angry and pathetic. She warns the others that she is not nice today, because she is a damaged lady. Mixing between masculine outfits and feminine ones, the music video is not as strong as the song, but still does alright.


8. G-dragon –Coup D’etat [September]

G-dragon - Coup d'etat

G-Dragon dominated the charts when his new mini album came out at the end of summer, “Coup D’etat”, and likewise his same named title track music video stood out among the rest. Each frame is packed full of symbolism that I can’t even begin to understand. The song and cinematography are both hauntingly beautiful, and seems to have a yin-yang scheme of black and white (likewise with the song, a switch back and forth in the tempo from fast rap parts to a slowed down chorus). This is actually one of my favorite G-dragon solo songs, and I’m always impressed with the concepts he comes up with.


7. Block B – Very Good [October]

Block B - Very Good

Block B makes a banging comeback with “Very Good”,  finally having settled in a new company after their lawsuit. Scoring their first win with “Very Good”, Block B has proven to fans that they are here to stay and continue to make awesome music. Their latest title track is as upbeat and crazy as their last songs. The music video features the boys being troublesome again; from pirates to now crazy bank robbers. Lyrics contain their subtly, and not so subtly remarks towards culture events, and fans can’t help but also notice Zico’s tribute to G-dragon by copying all of his iconic looks. I’m glad Block B is sticking to their true colors.


6. Troublemaker – Now [October]

Troublemaker -Now

Troublemaker finally makes their return after a 2 year hiatus, and they defiantly made a grand appearance with “Now”. With so many scene and outfit changes (not to mention the expensive race cars) it seems like Cube Entertainment really went all out for this music video. Despite its similarities to Rihanna’s music video, this grungy, sexy but not glamorous style was brand new for K-pop. The dance and song were not as catchy as “Troublemaker” but I still really enjoyed this comeback.


5. Zia – If you loved me [September]

Zia - If you loved me

Zia comes back with her sorrowful ballad “If you loved me” featuring the vocal accompaniment of Hae-ri from Davici. The song is calm but desperately calls out to her past lover, wanting him back. She tells him if he ever loved her, then he will think about their memories and consider coming back to her. The drama version of the song has an equally sad story-line about a young couple that breaks up when the boy starts to go blind, and instead of wanting his girlfriend to be with someone disabled, he breaks up with her against his heart’s wishes and hers.


4. K.Will – You Don’t Know Love [October]

K.Will-You Don't Know Love

K.Will did it again and came out with another wonderful easy-going track. “You Don’t Know Love” is not a romantic song at all (besides it sounding like one), but he expresses his frustration and irritation over the girl who doesn’t seem to understand his feelings at all – he is not falling out of love with her, but it’s just the ups and downs of a relationship, and she broke up with him too soon. The music video seems to express the hope of fixing the relationship as the boy and girl in the drama version are packing up the things the other gave them during their relationship, to give back now that it is over between them. But while looking at these items, they remember the memories and good times with them and are able to be together again.


3. Piggy Dolls – Butterflies [October]

Piggy Dolls - Butterflies

Piggy Dolls have made a cute comeback with “Butterflies” – a very relatable song for most girls. They talk about the clichés butterfly feelings a girl gets when she is in love. The song message is very cliché, talking about being in love – as well as the music video (all the girls are camping, having fun and singing while roasting marshmallows), but nonetheless the song is very addicting and just pure-hearted fun. A late summer song, but a cute single anyways.


2. Jung Joon Young – Spotless Mind [October]

Jung Joon young - Spotless Mind

“Spotless Mind” was the first time I ever heard Jung Joon-young’s voice, and wow, I was instantly taken back. First of all, it doesn’t even seem like such a powerful dark voice could come out of such a skinny guy. But his voice is captivating and the song seems to lull you in like a powerful melody. The lyrics also standout- he has created a spotless mind and erased the memories of his loved one. I’m glad this rocker is able to make such a strong stance among the idol singers.


1. Spica – Tonight [September]

Spica - Tonight

Spica returned with “Tonight”, another underrated single with their signature power vocals. Spica has always had uniquely beautiful music videos, skimming the fine line between artistic and visually appealing to make a fine mixture of both. “Tonight” has the girls in bohemian style, outside with nature as their background and only laughter as the girls are enjoying life together as their song suggests one to do. The added pastel filter, dust paint splashes and slow motion moments added to the sensual and fun theme. “Tonight” is not only one of my favorite songs of the summer this year, but also one of my favorite songs from a female K-pop group.


[Now Listening] KARA- Way


[Now Listening] KARA- Way

Pandora suggested me this song as part of my “Kyary Pamyu Pamyu” J-Pop station. This KKonnect writer enjoys the relaxing and smooth melodies, high tempo and violin interludes.  Good song for a nice midnight drive on Convoy Street.

 In other news…I may have found the first “Rated G” Kara Youtube video. 😀


[MangezAvecFateh] Loving HUE Na Eotteokhae What Should I Do?

Cafe Hue Gelato


[MangezAvecFateh] Loving HUE Na Eotteokhae What Should I Do?

Good Golly Miss Molly, this is not an Asian Market article! *hyperventilates a little*. Surely I have nothing more to contribute, Na Eotteokhae? But wait…

My trips to Asian Markets seldom are just to the markets alone, often times I will visit the peripheral stores around a market complex to examine, ethnic music stores, stationary stores, restaurants, and other interesting places to part ways with the remaining money you had after grocery shopping (plus finding parking in a lot of these complexes typically takes 15 minutes so why not stay a bit longer?).

On my pseudo-sojourn to Japan via Nijiya Market I made quick stop- over to examine a restaurant called Café HUE. Titillating images of Belgian Waffles, Japanese Crepes, Home-Made Gelato guided me to the store while the melody of Korean Pop Music (not sure if it was Kara, T-ara or other some other “-ara” variant playing) emanating through the speakers kept me inside.

Walking inside the ambiance was hip and trendy with the option of customers being able to watch sports, and culinary shows, playing games while relaxing on stools, chairs and even a sofa cushion. American and Korean Pop Music entertain the customers inside the store as well as in the restrooms where the party apparently doesn’t stop.

I examined the menu and elected to try a Nutella with Mixed Nuts Crepe with Taro Gelato (~$8). While watching the very charming employee skillfully make the crepe with excellent batter moving wrist technique, I played devil’s advocate and tried to distract her by keeping my head eye-level with the pan as she carefully flipped the crepe.

A few flips later and a drizzling of caramel and mixed nuts, I was presented with an artistically crafted, beautifully decorated, sexy crepe which clearly passed the vision test. Taking my first bite, time slowed and the only noise I could here was the noise of my lips resonating “Mmm” and an exhale of pure joy. The crepe was simple, elegant, and wonderfully decorated with fruit syrups and filled with whipped creamy goodness. The home-made taro ice cream provided a nice temperature contrast to the warm crepe. The home-made whipped cream inside the crepe added a layer of luxury to the crepe’s flavor profile and a nice compliment to the melted chocolate hazelnut spread. I can honestly say without blatant hyperbole, this was the best crepe I have ever had.

The food, ambiance, and service were all on point when I visited and I have seen this as a consistent theme throughout my subsequent visits and sampling of the other permutations of crepes that exist. It is also worth noting that Café Hue also serves, Coffee, Boba Tee in addition to the aforementioned Belgian Waffles and Home-Made Gelato.

Café Hue is in my opinion the premier creperie south of Montreal, and it is located on 3860 Convoy Street, San Diego, CA 92111 This KKonnect writer highly recommends and is highly satisfied with this side quest.

And yes, this place is not a “Korean Restaurant” per se, but sometimes Dduk just doesn’t cut it.

And SISTAR, if you’re not keen on me using your lyrics on my article, let’s discuss over four scoops of gelato. I put dibs on three scoops.

-Fateh K.






[KKonnect Lost Article] The 2012 SBS KPOP SUPER CONCERT in America: What Popped and Did Not Pop

The 2012 SBS KPOP SUPER CONCERT in America: What Popped and Did Not Pop


The opinions written in this article may not represent the views of KKonnect or most of the world.

-November 10th,2012

It is 11:00 PM on an unusually chilly Southern California night. Tired,bemused, ears ringing from hysterical women screaming at possibly every musician on stage,  and nestled in a warm blanket burrito (blanket burrito: being double wrapped in a blanket from your toes to your head), I shall try to comment on the SBS KPop Super Concert in Irvine.


  • What Did Not Pop:
    • Multiple delays of concert dates
    • Lack of advertising.
    • Pricing of tickets ($400.00 for premium seating)
    • Not having any Korean food available at a KPOP concert
    • The dismay of audience members who purchased orchestra seating when crowds of people who paid for $60.00 lawn seats were able to sit next to them
  • What Popped:
    • Organizing a stellar marquis of artists including: SISTAR,4MINUTE, BEAST, KARA, CNBLUE, 2NE1, GIRLS GENERATION
    • Addition of KARMIN who performed respectable covers of American Pop Songs with passion and enthusiasm.
    • Choosing a venue that is fair for both Los Angeles and San Diegan fans (Yes, I too can be biased), and located next to the large Irvine Spectrum Center Mall.
    • The ebullience of audience members who had lawn seats and were given the opportunity to sit in $400.00 orchestra level seats.


  • What Did not Pop:
    • Poor emceeing.  Conversations between artists in Korean left much of the audience perplexed.  Californian Native Tiffany from SNSD was neither charismatic nor creative in emceeing the event with her colleagues, obviously reading from a script throughout the event.
  • What Popped:
    • Electric and flawless performances from all artists, truly displaying why they are the apex artists and consummate professionals in the KPop Genre. Each were excellent, but a few stood out:
    • BEAST:
      • Not my cup of tea in terms of artists, but no other group received more adulation from the audience than this group. Lady folk apparently have an affinity towards boy bands for some reason.
    • 2NE1:
      • 2NE1 were master class in their performance, orchestrating fan interaction during songs, had backup dancers,  showed unique dance moves, and did a shout-out to the audience.

It’s 11:45 now, Cartoon Network is transitioning from Adult Swim to Toonami, SNL is ending on NBC, and the temperature of the blanket burrito is just right…strained eyes shutting uncontrollably… time to go to sleep… entering dreamland…zzz

(Next Article “A Journey through Dreamland”….just kiddnig)

SBS K-Pop Super Concert in LA on August 10th!




SBS 케이팝 콘서트 – 로스앤젤레스에서- 8월 10일. 홈디포 센터.

Ahh..summer is finally kicking into full gear, how do I know? Well, because San Diego Comic Con is happening, but sadly, I couldn’t go to it. Ahh….Depression.

But!!! If any like-minded individuals who are also suffering are out there reading this, fear not!

It was just announced that SBS will be holding a K-pop concert on Friday, August 10th at the Home Depot Center in LA!

The concert, which is named “K-Pop Super Concert” rightly so, will feature groups such as SNSD (Girls’ Generation), 2PM, 2AM, KARA, SISTAR, SECRET, CN Blue, Mblaq, SHINee, and maybe more as the details continue to roll out!

Tickets are on sale July 18th through Home Depot Center Box Office or http://www.axs.com. So keep on eye out for them!!!